Friday, May 26, 2017

Millie End of Pre-K

Millie, Wow, I can't believe you're done with Pre-K and off to Kindergarten.  I am so so proud of you, you can count to 100, you've memorized one bible verse a week for approximately 9 months.  You have a zest and love for life that are unlike any other.  I'm so so proud to be your Mom.

You love: to read to everyone, to make-up stories, you have a vivid imagination, a contagious smile and laughter.  You love to be with me and you still give me alcohol love to sleep with me.   You can count to 100, you know your abc's, you love to talk, you love to help others.  You still want to be a police officer .  I am so so proud of the little big girl you're becoming.  Thank you for being the absolute BEST thing that ever happened to me.  


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

M & M California Adventure Recap {October 2014}

Well, it's only been 8 months since our trip to California and I'm just now posting..oops.

First off, flying with a 2 year old is very interesting, at least for us it was.  Millie was so excited about going on the "big airplane" but once we were on it that excitement turned to tears, screaming, hold me, etc.  They would not let her be a lap child because she was over two so I had to buy her a ticket, but she refused to sit in her seat on the way there and we tried multiple times, the flight attendants kept telling me "ma'am she has to remain in her seat" eventually they gave up b/c it was the only way she would not scream.  

Once we arrived in California we were greeted by my cousin, whom Millie is named after and her two boys.  We stayed the first two days with them and we ventured to the beach.  It was Millie's first time at the beach and she loved it so much.  

Millie's First Plane Ride 10-05-14

Millie and the women she's named after: her cousin/Auntie Millie 

time at the park 10-9-14

Millie and her Auntie Sisang 10-11-14

Millie and her Ate 10-11-14

The Panis Family 10-11-14

Millie smelling Uncle Rubing's flowers

Autie Sisang, me, Millie, Aunite Baby, Uncle Willie at the cemetery 10-11-14 

Millie on the Hollywood Walk of Fame 10-10-14

Long Beach Shore Line 10-9-14

Long Beach Lighthouse 10-9-14

Me and Auntie Maring 

Millie and Auntie Joie

Millie and her cousin Clarisse 

Millie and her cousins, Liam and Kiera 

Millie's first time at the beach...Salt Creek Beach 10/06/14 

Millie and Jake 

Our day at Disneyland 10-7-14

Millie and Mickey Mouse

Millie and Minnie 

Millie and her Uncle Bong

Legoland 10-10-14

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