Friday, December 20, 2013

Five on Friday

Today I'm linking up for five on Friday.

With only five days till Christmas and not having done all my shopping you will find me tomorrow running around like a chicken with her head cut off.  I blame it on Motherhood, it keeps you busy.

I have my third 5k tomorrow, the Ugly Sweater Run, I'm excited but our weather forecast is calling for ran, lets hope they're wrong or it at least holds of till afterwards.
We're having our first Christmas get together with my Father, Mother and sisters and their families Sunday night, I can't wait to see the difference in Millie this Christmas and last Christmas.  There is just something about watching Christmas through your child that is just so amazing and leaves such a feeling of over you.
My house is in desperate need of some attention, I must finish wrapping the presents and get them all under the tree. 

I've really enjoyed our 25- books of Christmas Advent calendar with Millie, I have to say that I'm really looking forward to do this each year with her.  What a great investment the money that I spent on these wonderful children's Christmas books that we can use over and over for years to come.  

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Merry Christmas, Meredith 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Millie's Picture with Santa (Take Two)

I started last Christmas a tradition (as it was her first Christmas, duh) of taking Millie to have Breakfast with Santa at a place not too far from here called Cedar Hill  Farms in Hernando, MS, it's fabulous, you bring your own camera and take pics of your kiddo with Santa and you can opt to do the breakfast with Santa or cookies with Santa, we chose to do the breakfast and invite all the cousins to go too this year.  (I promise to post this picture later, but Mommy fail it's on my camera). 

I did however, additionally take her to Bass Pro as I did last year to have her picture taken with Santa too.  I did a side-by-side comparison of her last year with Santa at Bass Pro and her picture this year with Santa at Bass Pro, my oh my what a difference a year makes.  She has grown so much and now she is a toddler.  god help us all  

Unlike most everyone I know her age, she in fact did not scream or cry at all, she walked up to him set in his lap, looked at him and said, "high-five" that's my girl!! ;)
We're so not ready for Christmas, well, let me rephrase that I'm so not ready for Christmas.  Tons of wrapping and a little shopping left to do, I'm usually totally done by the end of Thanksgiving weekend, but with the move, still organizing and unpacking that just wasn't going to happen this year.  oh well, there's always next year.    I'll be back soon for our Breakfast with Santa recap and picture. 

Happy Thursday!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Adventure {Homeownership}

Well, where do I start!!! As per my last post, I'm way behind!! I will do better, I will! {don't hold your breath}.

I bought a house back at the end of August, it needs so TLC and over time it will be the perfect place for Millie and I.  I chose this house because of several factors, it's in Bartlett, they have a great school system and cheaper taxes than Memphis.  Hey, just keepin' it real, single Mom = budget, budget, budget!!!

I haven't been able to do much to it yet and the first "major project" will get underway in the new year, redoing the kitchen!!! It's a great house for us two.  It's a good size for two people and it's not overwhelming to clean for just us too.  It's approx. 1450 sq. ft. which is plenty to clean {trust me, with a one year old devil I mean angel, it truly is enough}

Here is where we're at on our little home.  It took me three weeks, yes THREE after closing to move in, the people left the house a wreck, I was so displeased with the Realtor, she screwed up many things, which lead to a big headache.  I ended up calling her boss and leaving a very hateful message that if he himself did not call me back there would be a "HELL NO DON'T USE THE QUACKS" right next to the "SOLD" sign in my yard.   Needless to say, he called me back ASAP and they ended up having to pay someone to come clean.  I mean she left multiple things out of the contract (after I went back and called her on them) the former owners trashed, I mean trashed the place, grease everywhere, clothes, etc. left) an attic full of crap that took us three 55 gal trash bags to clean out, no joke!! It was a nightmare!!

I decided after lots of pinterest looking to paint my room gray and do my room in all white {yes, I'm crazy, yes, I remember I have a dog and a toddler} and I said they would NOT be allowed in my room, either of them {that worked for maybe a day}. 

I'll be back with updates as I go and I hope to be better about blogging now that Mills is a little older and I can maybe get her to let me have a 10 min Mommy break. {hey, she's a Momma's girl and she's stuck to my hip, but I do love her so}

{first meal in the house, we hadn't even moved in yet and Mommy was at work}

{my room in the painting process} 

{Millie in her tent in the playroom/tv/treadmill room}

{our Christmas Tree, including the ornament Millie just broke}
{Millie's First Room and her Big Girl bed}
I'll be back soon with some progress on how the house is going, but first to survive the holiday madness. ;) 

Millie Halloween 2013

I'm so way behind on blogging, I haven't had a lot of time to blog.  Between Millie, working and running, let's face it my plate is pretty full.
Let's catch-up on Halloween.  This was Millie's second Halloween and this year she was a lady bug {with blue jeans}.  Seriously, it was wet and cold here so she had to keep her legs covered and her stockings were ripped earlier in the day so we improvised. {Mommy fail}
We went to Trunk or Treat at our church.  For those of you who don't know what Trunk 'R Treat is, it's an alternative to the normal door-to-door b/c let's face it times have changed since we were kids and you just can't do that safely as much these days.  Sad,  but true. 



I think she made a rather cute Lady Bug if I do say so myself.  She enjoyed herself and we got a little {way too much} candy, which we gladly donated to my parents house. {to keep Millie from eating all of it of course ;)}

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Millie's First Birthday Pictures

I took Millie to have her first birthday pictures made at the Arlington Depot in Arlington, TN.  It's so pretty there and I think the location is fabulous for some pictures. 

I can't believe my baby is one years old!! Where has the time gone?  I sure do love this sweet girl and I can't believe the joy and peace she has brought to my life.  I never imagined being a Mom, better yet, I never imagined being Millie's Mom and it is everything I could ever want and more!!! She's such a sweet girl, I am truly so blessed!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Millie's First Birthday

On July 20, 2013 Millie turned one years old.  (I know really behind) We had her party at my parents house.  Our theme was pink and green.  I had a blast getting things together.  I will not go as lavish again for a few years at least {maybe age 5}.  

Here is a recap. 


My dearest darling,  I love you more than words can say.  It is such a pleasure to be your Mother, you are such a sweet, kind hearted, loving little girl.  You are so affectionate, you are always giving me hugs and kisses.  You are not walking as of your birthday but are getting very close.  You love to say baby, Momma, cic-it (the dog..Cricket) you love macaroni and cheese, fruits of any kind, you have been exclusively on Mommy's milk and we are in the process of weening.  {we finished weening close to 13 months} to laugh, you are very very ticklish.  You love playing with your cousins.  

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Millie's First Easter

First of all, I am SOOO thankful for Jesus and the Cross, which is the true reason for Easter; I am beyond grateful that he died and rose again on the third day for my sins.  I am so undeserving  yet so gracious for his gift. 

We had a great Easter, Millie was so cute in her Easter dress and we had a great time hunting eggs with her cousins.  We also went to an Easter egg hunt at church yesterday, at Buckhead Creek, our churches recreation fields.  

Here are some pictures from her first egg hunt Saturday and Easter today.

God Bless,