Wednesday, February 26, 2014


It's crazy to think that in a little over three weeks I'll be running my first half.   WOW, training has really been coming along.  I'm accomplishing things I NEVER thought that I would be able too.  I'm under 5 lbs from pre-pregnancy.  Yes it's taken me a little longer than some to loose the baby weight and not as long as some others.  So I'm happy with all my hard work and it's paying off.  19 months after she born I'm almost there!!!   I do want to loose another 20-25 to get to my goal weight before the summer.  Thus why I've added a new workout to accompany my running.   While I'll still be running 4 days a week and after completing the Germantown Half (March 16th) I'll be focusing one week on recovery and then getting right back into training mode to get ready for the Nashville Half (April 26th).  I'm so excited and  yet nervous too.  Don't get me wrong, I worry about the what if's, but I've put in the time and training and I no that I will cross that finish line.  My goals for the immediate future are as follows:

        1.   Complete the Germantown Half (March 16th)
        2.   Complete the Nashville Half (April 26th)
        3.   Continue my training, while at the same time cutting back a little.
        4.   Complete the St. Jude Half (December 6th)
        5.   Be at goal weight by May 27th!!

What are some of your current goals?  I can't wait to check things off this list!! I'm on fire right now an proving to my daughter that she can do ANYTHING she sets her mind too is my number one goal through all this.  I want Millie to be proud of who she is, to never struggle with her identity and never to feel like her worth is dependent upon other peoples opinions of her.  I hate that I still struggle with this daily, it's really not a way to live.

Happy Wednesday!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy 19 months, Millie!!

Happy 19 months to my sweet angel!! 

Where has the time gone, you're getting so big!!!

Weight:  26.8 lbs

Height: 32.5 inches 

Head: 48.5 

You are so smart, too smart for your own good sometimes. 

You love to potty, you say "I poo poo" and we run to the potty.  You usually use the potty at last 3 times a  day, you still go in your diaper, but real soon we're going to have a "naked" weekend and stay home for 3 days and see if we can break the diaper spell.  

You eat pretty much anything for the most part.  You love chicken and you love eggs.  Momma's girl for sure.  

You go to MDO 2 times a week and love it.  You are a generally happy baby.  You love Momma's ipad, but you say "where's my ipad" I try to say it's mine and  you tell me, "no, it's mine"   

We had our first bite experience the other day, you bit Mommy in the neck.  I was not happy.  You love to unbuckle your harness in your car seat and it makes Mommy very upset.  You've gotten a few spankings for it.  

I love you sweet girl, Happy 19 months. 

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day & Weekend Recap

First off, wow, it's Monday already? Where did the weekend go?? Seriously, they seem to be getting shorter and shorter.    

Let's start with Thursday, Thursday night we went out for our yearly Valentines dinner with Papa and Great Grandmother (aka Mamaw T.) to Side Porch, it's one of our favorite steak houses here in town and the food is just so yummy.  Millie as dressed in her sweet Valentine's shirt that Ms. Leah made her.    {If you haven't checked out Leah's work you need too, she does such a great job and I've been ordering shirts from her since Millie was born for all our holiday shirts.} 

Friday morning I gave Millie her goody basket that I put together for her with all her Valentines goodies.  I forgot to buy crayons to go with the coloring book, so we got them Friday night while running around town, she instantly went to town.  She loves coloring {and writing too} to say the least.

I was suppose to run 3 miles Thursday and 8 Saturday, but I missed them both.  I pulled my groin pretty bad and I've been in a lot of pain, when I'm sitting, when I'm standing, it just flat out hurts.  I'm going to try and run my regular pace tonight and 3 miles to keep on my training schedule and hoping and praying I make it through without or with limited pain.  No pain, no gain, right?  I can't believe that I'm four weeks away from my first half.  Wow, to say that I'm scared to death would be an understatement.  To say that I haven't worried, what if I don't make it to the finish line would also be an understatement.  All that I've worked for, all that I've trained for is so close to happening and I'm totally scared to death, but also excited!!

I've also taken a leap of faith and signed up to be a Beachbody Coach, I'm really excited about continuing my fitness journey, meeting others that share the same goals and seeing where this leads all while helping others.  

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thoughtless Thursday: DIY Projects HELP

So a couple of months back I bought some windows off a resale group on Facebook to make something similar to these... I haven't had the time yet to get going, I've got a to do on my to do list, as always.   

Here are a few examples I saw, what do you think?  I'm thinking about hanging them uneven on my wall behind my couch in the den.    I just need to find the right pictures to put in them, I have 6, yes 6.  If I don't use them all I might sell some, I bought them for $10 each.  

What do you think?  Cute or no? 

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life Lately

I can't believe how big Millie is getting, she's so sassy, in to everything and we're working on potty training. She loves to sit on the potty and uses it most of the time when she gets on it.   She's such a big girl and loves to try and be Miss Independent, she is definitely her mothers child.  She has a free spirit and loves to "listen" when she wants.  hahaha, I'm in BIG trouble with this one.  She's a mess.  Running/Half Training is going well, I can't believe my first half is in like 5 weeks.  EEK I'm so scared, but I've put the time and energy into this and I know that I will give it my all.   Then we have a little over 2 months till Nashville, I'm so ready for the Nashville half and to have some shopping time in Nashville, Nashville is one of my favorite places to go.  I just love the city.  I'm trying to get back to blogging, but it's hard sometimes with work, Millie and training.  I get lost in the when do I have "me" time.  My house, oh my poor house, it's been totally neglected lately and needs lots of little cosmetic things that I hope to find time to start working on when my halves are over in April.    Happy Tuesday! 

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