Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy 19 months, Millie!!

Happy 19 months to my sweet angel!! 

Where has the time gone, you're getting so big!!!

Weight:  26.8 lbs

Height: 32.5 inches 

Head: 48.5 

You are so smart, too smart for your own good sometimes. 

You love to potty, you say "I poo poo" and we run to the potty.  You usually use the potty at last 3 times a  day, you still go in your diaper, but real soon we're going to have a "naked" weekend and stay home for 3 days and see if we can break the diaper spell.  

You eat pretty much anything for the most part.  You love chicken and you love eggs.  Momma's girl for sure.  

You go to MDO 2 times a week and love it.  You are a generally happy baby.  You love Momma's ipad, but you say "where's my ipad" I try to say it's mine and  you tell me, "no, it's mine"   

We had our first bite experience the other day, you bit Mommy in the neck.  I was not happy.  You love to unbuckle your harness in your car seat and it makes Mommy very upset.  You've gotten a few spankings for it.  

I love you sweet girl, Happy 19 months. 

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  1. Ugh she's just so cute! That hair is just the best and how awesome that she's already doing so well with the potty!!!