Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Talk about a headache...

So, as I mentioned before, I was suppose to be losing my job come Friday, because my bosses former assistant wanted her job back. Well, as of yesterday, she no longer wants her job back and I get to keep my job..however, I just booked a trip to NYC with my best friend, because I thought I was going to be out of a job.... Now, I am waiting on my boss to tell me I can have next Friday and Monday off..(crossing every finger and toe possible).

I have had ONE CRAZY YEAR!!! And I deserve a girlfriend trip, if I do say so myself..and what better place to go than NYC? I'll keep ya posted..(the waiting is driving Allison crazy, as is it me too)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Parties, All Nighters, and Good Times with Friends

So this past Friday night, I went out for my friend Shelly's 29th birthday party, while we had a great time and I can't speak for anyone else but we all I had too much to drink that's for sure. Since I haven't been able to really drink to much and cut loose over the last 4 1/2 years b/c I was ALWAYS the DD and ALWAYS the responsible one in my previous relationship, I let loose and had a ball.

Caitlin, me, and the b-day girl, Shelly

I also have been realizing how much FUN single life can be sometimes. I never would have gotten to go to this b-day party b/c my ex would have told me I couldn't have gone b/c he was a control freak abusive ass. Excuse the anger in my tone, but after WASTING 4 1/2 years, I am REALLY MAD AT MYSELF!!! I am having SO MUCH FUN, but I could have been having this much fun YEARS AGO if I had just LEFT when I knew I should have. Err....kicking self hard is not going to change anything, so I need to stop doing that. Anyways, here a few shots of our great FABULOUS time!!! I even made it home with $125 that I have NO CLUE where it CAME FROM!!!! Happy Birthday to me I mean Shelly!! ; )

like Shelly said on fb, "ha" all I can say is not a good picture
and way too many red bulls and vodka at this point

Natalie doesn't look like she's happy, but I look waisted : (

Oh well, it was all I great time regardless of the mess I got into or what I lost or even what I found for that matter. I had a great time!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sick Again!!! & Weekend Recap

Dear Lord,

Could I please have just 1 WEEK without any migraines, fever, sneezing, coughing, throwing-up, etc..please, just one week!!!
I'd be ever so grateful!!! Meredith

Yep, I was sick again yesterday and this morning and just now made it to work, which I must mention makes me sick, just for the simply fact that my boss tells me Friday afternoon, that he's previous employee, who left because of a psycho co-worker not so nice co-worker, who I watched get into a verbal fight with the boss, which of course, she was then fired after, wants her job back and he feels "obligated" to give it back to her because she had worked for him for 25+years, so after 2 weeks, I shall be out of a job. THIS SUCKS!!! But God is good and always provides, so I am just going to pray for another job SOON, especially if my nephews want Christmas presents.

Friday night, I went to my friend, Shelly's 29th birthday party, I'll try to post pictures at a later time, because I stayed out way too late and then was sick, so NOTHING got done this weekend!!! NOTHING!!! But I had a great time getting out with old friends, some I hadn't seen since high school. We had a blast!!

Saturday, I did nothing but sleep, yep, really productive wouldn't you say? Sunday, guess what I did? You guessed it MORE SLEEP!!! And today, I waited for a doctor to give me a prescription for drugs I already had at home!!! Oh well, what can I say, thanks dr for making me wait 2 hours and giving me a prescription for something I already have at home and taking my $35 co-pay while your at it. Seriously!!!

All-in-all, I had a blast catching up with old friends Friday night and even maybe having one to many!!! Happy Monday Everyone!!!

P.S..... please pray for me a new job, it will suck being broke!!! : (

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday: Hollywood Break-ups and Stupid DVR

Okay first things first, I am SO saddened, like many other bloggers of the recent splits in Hollywood!!! So i must start here:

1. Courtney Cox & David Arquette- this is one hollywood marriage that I thought would last, they always seemed so giddy and happy and in love. Did anyone hear his interview with Howard Stern? He makes me sick now, that he was having sex with other women and that they had an open marriage toward the end. Wow! that's all I can say......

THERE IS LANGUAGE IN THIS CLIP, but it's David talking about Courtney not wanting to be a mother to him anymore!

Just sad, makes me want to cry, I thought they were going to be an exception.

2. Then....any Glee fans? There is Jessalyn Gilsig...what is up with Hollywood?

Oh well, I guess I'll keep hoping for some!!!

Last but not least, so I came home last night and noticed that my stupid dvr didn't record Survivor, what? how is this possible? It's set to record the entire series!!! Boo, oh well, I missed last nights episode and had to recap online, thank goodness I have a computer!! hahah

To participate in Thoughtless Thursday, visit Katie at Life in the Fulmer Lane. Happy Thursday!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I have the BEST Dad EVER!!!

Okay, I must share, a lot of you know that I have been through a rather tough year. While some people would say, "I brought it on myself", I disagree, you can't help but love who you love and when someone is promising to change and stop drink so much, you want nothing else but to believe that they can do it and will change their life around and turn to God. However, as I have learned, you can NOT make anyone want to change or admit that they have a problem. Through thick and thin, my father has been there to listen, let me cry on his shoulder, and hear more than ANY father would truly want to hear or see about their little girl being mistreated by someone who is suppose to love her. (and yes, as I've said before, since I was never close to my mother, I would tell my dad after my ex would hit me sometimes or he would just happen to see the mark on my body). Needless to say, no father wants to see that for his little girl.

My Dad, my youngest nephew, Daniel and me at my sisters wedding 7-2-10

I am SO beyond bless to have a father that is a man of God and so blessed that my father and mother taught me to lean on God in bad times, okay, maybe I've not always done the best, but last night, my father said the sweetest thing to me, "Meredith, I just have to say, you seem happier now than I've seen you in years and I'm so glad you finally left Craig in the past to have to clean up his own mess'. While that brought tears to my eyes, on many different levels (b/c I can't say I don't miss having a companion or the companionship, but I DON'T miss the abuse both verbal and physically that I suffered at his hand. (BUT, since I wasn't strong enough to leave on my own, God intervened and I truly believe saved my life in many ways!)

I love you Daddy and thank you for always being a Godly example, a shoulder to cry on, and just listening above all else.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I watch way too much reality t.v.

Okay, my name is Meredith, and yes, I love I'm addicted to reality t.v. My obsessions include, but are not limited to: DWTS, Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Hills (I know it went off the air, but I still love reruns, even though, I've see EVER episode).

So does anyone else love DWTS? I am such an Audrina Pathridge fan, she was my favorite on The Hills and I am such a fan of her style, I always think she looks too darn cute.

Then you have, Jennifer Grey, I mean, hello, Dirty Dancing, need I say more?

And last but not least, she is my favorite professional, in part because she is half filipino and in case you didn't know, with my mother being half filipino, I can't help root for the filipino blood on the floor and it doesn't hurt that I personally think she's just beautiful!!!

Please someone, tell me you watch this much reality t.v.? I hope it's not just me. Happy Tuesday everyone!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life, Love & Puppy Prints: Giveaway

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Thoughtless Thursday: Cloudy 9 & Hopin' and Prayin'

Most of you probably don't know, but I went to Brasilia, Brasil in 2004 and absolutely without a doubt fell in love with the culture and people. (okay, okay, I met a rather nice looking guy too ; ), which didn't hurt) but back to the point, i have longed and prayed and even cried about wanting to go back to Brasil, but I went on a mission trip and missions is just not where my heart is. I want to go visit the city and country I fell so deeply in love with that I literally cried and threw up when it was time to leave. Yes, it may sound crazy to some, but what I experienced while I was there literally changed my life!!!

I will never be the same after Brasil and I've been out of the country before, but it's different in Brasil, they're so open and welcoming and so excepting. I am not the only one from my hometown church who shares a passion and desire to pick-up and move to Brasil. I actually know a few others who long and would love to be able to do it too. My heart is so full this morning with just the possibility that my parents may help me financially with the money for my Christmas present to make it at some point next year to Brasil. My only other hope would be that I'd be kidnapped by a gorgeous Brasilian and stay there. hahah, hey, a girl can dream, right? Below are a few pictures that show my love for the gorgeous country.

One more thing, to clarify, Brasil is spelt Brasil we spell it wrong, we spell it Brazil.

Ordem e Progresso (Order and Progress) the Country modo.

Congress Building

Cathedral of Brasilia
(the capital of Brasil and the city i love so dearly)

I'm praying and waiting to see what happens. I can't express my love anymore for this wonderful country and how dearly I miss it. And yes, while it may be a poor country, the people make it worth every challenge I may face to get back there and visit my wonderful friends I made along the way.

visit Katie at Life in the Fulmer Lane and link up to participate.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cricket's shots

Okay, so I decided to start trying to give my dog her annual shots myself this year to save money. I am all about trying to cut cost were I can and save money and last year a girl I worked with who has a farm; and breeds yorkies and told me that she gives them their shots herself. Of course that peeked my interest and I decided that I would try it myself this year to save roughly $40. Hey, that's at least half a pair of shoes or something, right.

this is not my dog

So, I went to Tractor Supply Company and bought the shots last night, which cost roughly $14 and then headed home to give them to here. She wasn't happy about it and didn't like me grabbing the skin behind her neck and sticking the needle in, she tried to bite me actually the first time, but I decided just jab it in there and so I did, it took just a second and my dog is still talking to me today, which makes me very happy. Below is a picture of the shots and the needles.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday: Dream Kitchens

Okay, to start, today has not been a very good morning for me. First of all, I didn't make it to work until 1:00, I started my day by doing a favor for my cousin and taking her husband to have test so she could get her son to school. Well, I end up running into my ex's co-worker who informed me, that the guy I was trying to get in touch with (who happens to be his best friend an also whom I shot down in times past) is now (as of about 2 wks seeing a girl from AR). Everything happens for a reason, right? God has a plan for everything and I am just SO thankful to have moved on with my life and that I am no longer being verbal and physically abused by my ex anymore. Life's looking up!!! ; )

Back to the story, so I go out to my car to get ready to leave and it won't start because I was talking running my mouth too much to my ex's, co-worker's wife, so I had to call my parents neighbor to come and get me and take me to work. Now my car is sitting at Methodist Surgery Center waiting for someone to pick me up after work and take me to jump it off. WOW, it's only Tuesday, really? Hope everyone else's Tuesday is going better than mine.

Now on to Top 2 Tuesday!!

Okay, so I love todays Top 2: Dream Kitchens and must say first of all, that I have a total fascination obsession with loving kitchens in general and looking at's website and fantasizing about the kitchen I wish to have one day. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

1. This first kitchen, I just love the white cabinet look and would love to have them in my home one day. I LOVE the fridge and island/bar on this kitchen to.

(please note the fridge: LOVE it!!)

2. Concrete Counter tops-yes, to some this may be weird, but I also have an obsession with concrete. I would put it in the entire downstairs of my house if I could. I just love the idea of having concrete counter tops too. Just something about it makes me smile when I look at this kitchen. That along with the glass front cabinets would sell me alone on this house below if I was looking at it.

Caroline, I love your idea for this one!!! To participate visit Taylor at The Undomestic Momma and link up. Happy Tuesday!!!