Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday: Dream Kitchens

Okay, to start, today has not been a very good morning for me. First of all, I didn't make it to work until 1:00, I started my day by doing a favor for my cousin and taking her husband to have test so she could get her son to school. Well, I end up running into my ex's co-worker who informed me, that the guy I was trying to get in touch with (who happens to be his best friend an also whom I shot down in times past) is now (as of about 2 wks seeing a girl from AR). Everything happens for a reason, right? God has a plan for everything and I am just SO thankful to have moved on with my life and that I am no longer being verbal and physically abused by my ex anymore. Life's looking up!!! ; )

Back to the story, so I go out to my car to get ready to leave and it won't start because I was talking running my mouth too much to my ex's, co-worker's wife, so I had to call my parents neighbor to come and get me and take me to work. Now my car is sitting at Methodist Surgery Center waiting for someone to pick me up after work and take me to jump it off. WOW, it's only Tuesday, really? Hope everyone else's Tuesday is going better than mine.

Now on to Top 2 Tuesday!!

Okay, so I love todays Top 2: Dream Kitchens and must say first of all, that I have a total fascination obsession with loving kitchens in general and looking at HGTV.com's website and fantasizing about the kitchen I wish to have one day. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

1. This first kitchen, I just love the white cabinet look and would love to have them in my home one day. I LOVE the fridge and island/bar on this kitchen to.

(please note the fridge: LOVE it!!)

2. Concrete Counter tops-yes, to some this may be weird, but I also have an obsession with concrete. I would put it in the entire downstairs of my house if I could. I just love the idea of having concrete counter tops too. Just something about it makes me smile when I look at this kitchen. That along with the glass front cabinets would sell me alone on this house below if I was looking at it.

Caroline, I love your idea for this one!!! To participate visit Taylor at The Undomestic Momma and link up. Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. God does have a plan. Hope your day has gotten better! Love the fridge!

  2. hope your day got better! those are gorgeous kitchen picks!

  3. thank you ladies!!! I'm just hopin' and prayin' and waitin' on God now!

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