Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday: Hollywood Break-ups and Stupid DVR

Okay first things first, I am SO saddened, like many other bloggers of the recent splits in Hollywood!!! So i must start here:

1. Courtney Cox & David Arquette- this is one hollywood marriage that I thought would last, they always seemed so giddy and happy and in love. Did anyone hear his interview with Howard Stern? He makes me sick now, that he was having sex with other women and that they had an open marriage toward the end. Wow! that's all I can say......

THERE IS LANGUAGE IN THIS CLIP, but it's David talking about Courtney not wanting to be a mother to him anymore!

Just sad, makes me want to cry, I thought they were going to be an exception.

2. Then....any Glee fans? There is Jessalyn Gilsig...what is up with Hollywood?

Oh well, I guess I'll keep hoping for some!!!

Last but not least, so I came home last night and noticed that my stupid dvr didn't record Survivor, what? how is this possible? It's set to record the entire series!!! Boo, oh well, I missed last nights episode and had to recap online, thank goodness I have a computer!! hahah

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  1. I dont like Jessalyn. She was on Nip/Tuck and I hated her. Sad though.

  2. I'm just with you though, why can't they just keep it together and stay FAITHFUL!!! Makes me sad : (

  3. I can never keep up with the Hollywood relationships!