Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday: Cloudy 9 & Hopin' and Prayin'

Most of you probably don't know, but I went to Brasilia, Brasil in 2004 and absolutely without a doubt fell in love with the culture and people. (okay, okay, I met a rather nice looking guy too ; ), which didn't hurt) but back to the point, i have longed and prayed and even cried about wanting to go back to Brasil, but I went on a mission trip and missions is just not where my heart is. I want to go visit the city and country I fell so deeply in love with that I literally cried and threw up when it was time to leave. Yes, it may sound crazy to some, but what I experienced while I was there literally changed my life!!!

I will never be the same after Brasil and I've been out of the country before, but it's different in Brasil, they're so open and welcoming and so excepting. I am not the only one from my hometown church who shares a passion and desire to pick-up and move to Brasil. I actually know a few others who long and would love to be able to do it too. My heart is so full this morning with just the possibility that my parents may help me financially with the money for my Christmas present to make it at some point next year to Brasil. My only other hope would be that I'd be kidnapped by a gorgeous Brasilian and stay there. hahah, hey, a girl can dream, right? Below are a few pictures that show my love for the gorgeous country.

One more thing, to clarify, Brasil is spelt Brasil we spell it wrong, we spell it Brazil.

Ordem e Progresso (Order and Progress) the Country modo.

Congress Building

Cathedral of Brasilia
(the capital of Brasil and the city i love so dearly)

I'm praying and waiting to see what happens. I can't express my love anymore for this wonderful country and how dearly I miss it. And yes, while it may be a poor country, the people make it worth every challenge I may face to get back there and visit my wonderful friends I made along the way.

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  1. I've always wanted to go there. I hope you can return!

  2. It's fabulous Caroline, the people, the food, the drinks, okay, I have to stop thinking about it. I've literally made my self sick to my stomach this morning after talking on the phone to my friend from Brasilia who is in Memphis for the month. :(