Monday, October 18, 2010

Sick Again!!! & Weekend Recap

Dear Lord,

Could I please have just 1 WEEK without any migraines, fever, sneezing, coughing, throwing-up, etc..please, just one week!!!
I'd be ever so grateful!!! Meredith

Yep, I was sick again yesterday and this morning and just now made it to work, which I must mention makes me sick, just for the simply fact that my boss tells me Friday afternoon, that he's previous employee, who left because of a psycho co-worker not so nice co-worker, who I watched get into a verbal fight with the boss, which of course, she was then fired after, wants her job back and he feels "obligated" to give it back to her because she had worked for him for 25+years, so after 2 weeks, I shall be out of a job. THIS SUCKS!!! But God is good and always provides, so I am just going to pray for another job SOON, especially if my nephews want Christmas presents.

Friday night, I went to my friend, Shelly's 29th birthday party, I'll try to post pictures at a later time, because I stayed out way too late and then was sick, so NOTHING got done this weekend!!! NOTHING!!! But I had a great time getting out with old friends, some I hadn't seen since high school. We had a blast!!

Saturday, I did nothing but sleep, yep, really productive wouldn't you say? Sunday, guess what I did? You guessed it MORE SLEEP!!! And today, I waited for a doctor to give me a prescription for drugs I already had at home!!! Oh well, what can I say, thanks dr for making me wait 2 hours and giving me a prescription for something I already have at home and taking my $35 co-pay while your at it. Seriously!!!

All-in-all, I had a blast catching up with old friends Friday night and even maybe having one to many!!! Happy Monday Everyone!!!

P.S..... please pray for me a new job, it will suck being broke!!! : (

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