Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Photography, dogs, and NOLA

so, as most of you know, I love photography, went back to school for it and do jobs on the side for extra money. While I was in NYC I got the urge to just go ahead and buy the body to the digital camera I wanted. i didn't have to buy the lenses, since Sony and Monolita are one in the same now.

Here is a picture of my new baby:

I absolutely love it and I'm so ready to use it next weekend, as I do a shoot for a family of 3.

Well...I'm ready for this week to be over, I am only working half a day Friday and then we are NOLA (New Orleans) bound. Can't wait to have a semi-repeat of NYC with my girl and two of our guy friends.. (one of which went to NYC with us and the other did not, but has family in and is from NOLA, so we're staying at his mothers for FREE!!) Yes, that is good b/c that leaves more money to Par-tay with!! ;)

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday: Dogs and NYC

So the my friend, Al, who I just went to NYC with has two german Shepperds, I love these dogs and would love to have one of my own. Her dogs have been fighting and trying to kill each other, literally, several times over the past two weeks, so when we came home Monday from NYC, I took her girl dog, Dutches, home with me.

I think German Shepperd are the BEST dogs!!! And I always wanted one, but while I was leaving in my parents house, that wasn't going to work. This is still Ali's dog and she can take her back anytime she wants....I don't want her too and I will miss her as I've become fond of her fast, but I do think, when that day happens... I will be buying a German Shepperd puppy; just not sure yet if I'll end up with a boy or girl.

NYC was a blast this weekend and I am so happy for the time away from this city, but I love coming home too. Good and bad, Memphis is my home and I love it here!!!

Here are a few more pics from our trip to The Big Apple:

View from a top the Empire State Building

Let's just say he wasn't as excited
about the picture as us girls lol

We had a blast and I couldn't have wanted to go with anyone else more than her. She's my girl and been there through thick and then. Love you Al!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well we had a blast in NYC, we got into a few fights on the streets...The people seemed to be so rude there. One lady cut me and my bestie, Ali off and then we said excuse me to her and she just started cussing at us. We had one lady on the sub way get angry with us because we sat down too quick and she was trying to put her bag in the seat, she even asked us to get up...

Here are a few picture.....more to come tomorrow.....

All of us at the Empire State Building

Me and my girl, Al, having a pillow fight and jumping on the beds
(things we're not allowed to do by our own rules at our own houses lol)

Also, I did buy a new digital camera for my photography stuff, I'm sure my glad will be happy to have me not borrowing his all the time. I'll post a picture of it later..

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I am SO ready to leave for NYC tomorrow morning!!! I made my last Target and Old Navy run last night, I ended up spending $93 at Old Navy, but saved $40, that's good right? Let's not even discuss the money I've spent at Target in the past week getting ready for NYC.

I have my film, cameras, and everything packed and ready to go, now if we could just be there already. I am very excited about getting to spend time with my girl, Alison (as I like to call her, Al); she is the best and since she's been back in town we have spent too much lots of time shopping and hanging out. I couldn't be any happier about going to NYC with anyone more than I am about going to NYC with her. We've both been through the ringer with bad break-ups this year, her marriage, and Craig and I's split; so, it is a much deserved trip away from reality!!! Although, two of her guy friends will be with us, we are planning on running like hell away from them escaping and losing them one day or night for some "Girls Only Time".

I can't wait to see some of this beautiful city again, as I was there for only a day and a half the last time I went.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and Faith Family Fall Festival

Me and Ali

I hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend.... I did. Friday, I went to dinner with my girl, Alison and some of her friends, then we were suppose to go to the Haunted House at trinity Commons, but the wait was going to be 2 1/2 hours, so we decided that since we probably wouldn't get through till well after midnight, we would bring our tickets back and go Sunday night...I'm glad we did, we had a blast running through there. Good times!! (are we too old for that?) Here are a few shots from Friday.

We had such a blast...then it was on to Trunk or Treating at the church last night with my nephews..

and one of the littlest, love bug and the dog, Cricket (hot dog)...Cricket was a hit and Trunk or Treat and even ate a few pieces of candy too.

and the hot dog again...

I hope everyone had a great Monday!!!