Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Costume Link Up

I'm linking up for the Halloween Costume Link up with Natasha of Schue Love and Julie of The Girl In the Red Shoes.  A few months back I saw the cutest idea on Pinterest you can see the pin here.  I thought OMG this is the cutest idea ever and I knew that I had to make it come to life.  Thanks to my Dad and his skills we did just that.  

Please meet my "Little Old Lady" 

I mean seriously, is that not just adorable?  

I hope everyone has a safe, happy and fun Halloween. 

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Ramblings

Our weekend started off Friday night with me taking Millie to Zoo Boo, we went last year to Zoo Lights at Christmas and it was so much fun that this year i wanted to take her to Zoo Boo as well.  These will surely both be our little "family" tradition for at least a few years to come.  We skipped a lot of the candy give out places b/c I just didn't want that much candy brought home.  This year for Halloween Millie is...............

A little old lady, yes, Millie is an "old" lady.  We I had so much fun with costume idea and months ago I enlisted the help of my Father to make her the walker.  It turned out great and Millie has enjoyed tortured me pushing it around the house.  

After we left Zoo Boo I took Millie to get some dinner at Taco Bell and we headed home to call it a night.  

Saturday morning we went to Medina, TN to pick-up my Mamaw and bring her back home. We spent the remainder of the day doing household work and getting ready for church Sunday. 

Sunday we went to church and then to lunch with my Aunt Charlotte, Uncle Troy and Mamaw.  After that we took my Mamaw to run some errands and then took Millie to the pumpkin patch to pick-out a pumpkin and ride the little ride.  She loved screamed the entire ride.  {I don't have any pics uploaded of this yet, but it's too funny and I hope I remember to go back later and add to this post.}

Seriously, why is it so difficult to just look at the camera and smile to make your Mommy happy, Millie Ladell. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I sure do miss blogging and keeping up with Millie's changes, I really want to get better at this.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. 

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Fashion

I'm so close to breaking my next weight loss goal and then I'll only have about 10-15 to "ideal" weight.  It's crazy, b/c in my opinion I look like I weigh more than I do.  My 10's are fitting good these days and I hope to one day be in an 8, we'll see, these Thompson legs may not allow that ever and I'm happy in a 10, if I get to goal weight.  ;)

Here are some looks I'm loving.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Millie Christmas List

Y'all there is 96 days till Christmas, your welcome! ;)  With that being said, I'm trying to come up with  Millie's list.. I'm looking for things that I've been wanting for her {even if it's not the right season} and looking for practical things.  

Here are a few things that I'm eyeing.  

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My First Half Marathon

Well, I did it!!! I ran my first half.  Rock 'n Roll Nashville 2014!!!  The day started rather early, I was up at about 4:30 {not that I slept much the night before} I ate my peanut butter and piece of toast, got dressed and we headed out the door.  I panicked quickly when I realized that I forgot my potty pass that I spent $15 on the night before at the Expo, thank God I really didn't need it.  So I got there said my goodbye's to Millie and my parents and quickly went to my coral.  When I originally signed up over a year ago I wasn't sure what to expect of my speed, I was way off and I could have moved my coral up but I just moved up the morning of the race, I kept moving up during the race until I got up to the 2:30 pacer, I stayed with him for several miles {probably 4} then bid him a farewell and pushed on to the 2:15 pacer.  I stayed there most of the remainder of the race and my official time was 2:18:57.  

During the race, I tried to be conservative.  I started out slower than usual to conserve for the second part of the half {as I learned in training}.  I was feeling really good the first 6 miles, I took some sports beans about mile 6 and walked through the water station.  I have to say, everything I've heard about Nashville is true, they have some hills {I didn't think they were too bad though} and running through the University area, WOW the fraternity brothers, etc. were all out and they were offering fireballs, etc. but NO WATER!!! WTH? Seriously, offer water people!! All in all there were tons of supportive people and great signs too through out the course. 

I was very pleased with where I ended the race.  Overall this was a great first half!!! I'm very pleased with where I ended up.  I can't wait to tackle this race again next year.  In the mean time, I've signed up to run the M-Town series here in Memphis {series of 4 different races, 3- 5k's and one 4-miler}.  I also signed up yesterday as a St. Jude Hero for the December half here in Memphis.  I can't wait to see where the rest of my running journey takes me this year. 

Below is the pictures that were taken by the photographer at the race.  

Happy Tuesday to all.


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Friday, May 2, 2014

5 on Friday

YAY!!! I'm sooo happy it's Friday!! 

One.   I'm finally under pre-pregnancy weight and by under I mean almost 8 lbs. YAY!!! It took 21 months to get that 80, yes 80 lbs off but I did!!! 

Two.   Oh you know, I'm part of the 13.1 club now, yes, I finished my first half marathon last Saturday and besides giving birth to Millie, it was the BEST day of my life!!! 

Three.   Now that the half is over, it's time to up the ante and work on my fitness hardcore, I'm starting T25 again Monday and this time I'll finish it without injury {fingers crossed}.  

Four.  I picked-up my kitchen cabinets yesterday, so operation get my kitchen finished is now in high gear.  Goal to finish the kitchen before June 1st.  I can't wait to have a kitchen again, I don't "like" cooking, but I sure miss it.  It's been very difficult to keep everything flowing without a kitchen, no sink, no dishwasher, no counter-top, NOTHING. 

Five.   It's starting to feel like spring outside, I have a bucket list started of things to with Millie over the summer.  But first, was a Mommy/Daughter pedi and we did that after the half in Nashville last Saturday.  I think my girl is destined to be a "girly girl" just like her Momma.  :) 

Happy weekend Ladies!! 

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday

WOW!  It's Friday already?  I'll take it. I'm linking up with the ladies for 5 on Friday!!  


1.  First and foremost, I'd like you to pray for my Papaw and Mamaw, my Papaw went into the hospital last Saturday after his appendix ruptured, they could not due surgery and remove his appendix b/c he has 11, yes you read that right, 11 heart stints.  My Papaw is a tough cookie and my Mamaw is never far from his side.... Well after days of being in the hospital she started having chest pain yesterday and was admitted and is awaiting test today.  So if you don't mind, please take a second to stop and say a prayer for them both.  Thank you!  

2.  This week I'm finally able to run more and I finished Physical Therapy Monday night, without having insurance that sucker cost me a little over $1,000 for a month, yep you read that right.  But since it helped it's well worth the $$ I spent.

3.  Kitchen renovation is in full swing, it is a long process and Dad and I are doing all the work ourselves, so it's taking a little longer.  In two weeks we go pick-up the cabinets and the appliances were delivered yesterday.  YAY   This kitchen was a mess and they definitely were not the brightest in their ideas of back splash and how to do it.. I cut my hand up trying to scrape all that clue off.  

4.  This girl has been pottying like crazy lately and I'm sure hoping that in June we can spend 3 days on house arrest and bust through the diapers once and for all.  I've been ready this book on potty training in 3 days and I sure hope it works for Millie. 

5.  We're headed to Nashville three weeks from today for me to tackle my first half marathon {eek} I'm so excited, but at the same time I'm very nervous.  

Happy Friday!!! 

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