Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Fashion

I'm so close to breaking my next weight loss goal and then I'll only have about 10-15 to "ideal" weight.  It's crazy, b/c in my opinion I look like I weigh more than I do.  My 10's are fitting good these days and I hope to one day be in an 8, we'll see, these Thompson legs may not allow that ever and I'm happy in a 10, if I get to goal weight.  ;)

Here are some looks I'm loving.

 photo 33622657b_zps444200a3.png


  1. I'm loving all these looks, especially the dark blue shirt dress

  2. I love your fashion picks; they are classy and and gorgeous. Knee lengths boots are my favorite :)

  3. Most of fall, you will see me in my leggings, knee boots, and tunic tops! So comfortable!