Friday, August 31, 2012


Just thought I'd drop by and post this cute picture with this bid I found Mill

Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Millie is One Month!!!

WOW, I can't believe my sweet baby girl is one month old.  (Actually, it was yesterday but my computer was not working.)

Millie- I can't believe you're one month old already, this has been the BEST month of Mommy's life.  Here is a recap of your last month. 

After leaving the hospital we headed home where we stayed away from all germs until we had to make a quick trip to Mommy's OBGYN because my left breast so so engorged and it would not let down, they gave Mommy an antibiotic which was safe for her to take while breastfeeding you and we went about our business until we had to go back because Mommy's c-section incision was bleeding, another antibiotic for Mommy and we were good for a few weeks.  We had your two week check-up and you'd gained back up and the doctor said you were doing great.  We went and visited your Great Grandparents and Mamaw Panis likes to call you "tad pole b/c she can't remember your name because she is losing her memory due to age."  

Here's some of your first: 

We had our first bath and you are not a huge fan of the water, but we manage and you seem to get over the initial shock of the water pretty quickly.  You had your first bottle on August 10th while we went to visit Aunt Mo, Uncle Clint, and baby Jonathan. You had your first bath on July 24th, it was actually a sponge bath but we'll count that.  Your actual first bath bath was a few days later on July 30th (I believe).  We went out to dinner for the first time on Saturday, August 4th for Mommy's birthday and you gave me a new version of Photoshop for my birthday.  You played on your activity mat for the first time on August 11th.  

You are such an angel and such a blessing.  I love you so much my sweet angel.

Here are some of our pictures for the past month.

 First time at the Pediatricians 

 First Bath

 First time out to eat for Mommy's Birthday 
 First lovins' by cousin Jonathan (he's 8 months older than her)