Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Half training is off to a good start, this past Saturday we ran 6 miles, this was close to, if not the fastest 6 miles I've done.   This is the fourth week of half training and we're doing 3 miles, 3 days this week and then we'll do 8 miles Saturday.  Monday we were scheduled to run 3, I ran it with an average pace of 9:49, this was suppose to be an "easy run", while it wasn't hard b/c I was running so fast, it felt hard b/c it was so darn cold and the wind was going crazy.  I seriously thought I was Dorothy in Kansas, that wind was no joke. 

I have to say, I'm so thankful that I signed up for this training group, I do believe that training with others helps motivate you more (at least for me it does).  It helps keep me going, it helps take my mind off feeling the movement and time watching as well.  I have a horrible problem of watching the watch sometimes and I honestly think that it makes me run slower, anyone else ever done this?  How do I train myself to stop time watching, I don't know but one day maybe I'll get there.  

Happy Tuesday,

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thoughtless Wednesday: Half Training

I'm in the middle of half marathon training, it's still crazy to think that i'm going to run a half marathon?  WOW, I mean me, really?  Training is going good, I'm in the 9-10 minute group with the Fleet Feet training program.  I missed Saturdays long run (5 miles) b/c I fell Thursday night and twisted my ankle and it was hurting pretty bad.  I'm so ready to be to my goal and knock this thing out of the water.   Tonight we're having a nutrition night instead of a running night, I think this will benefit me well b/c I never know what to eat before runs and sometimes just eating one piece of peanut butter toast can make me feel sick when I start out.  Is that crazy?  Right now my miles are anywhere between 9:20-10 min miles, just depends on how far i'm running.  If it's anything over 5 miles it slows down to more like 10-10:40 miles.  Does anyone else have this issue. 

I started running to help with losing the baby weight, but really got bit by the running bug.  It's my Mommy time, it's my time to clear my head, talk to God, listen to nature, it's my ME time and I love it. It's about being the BEST Mother that I can be and that takes being the BEST me I can be.  Everyone has goals in their life and right now my goal is to prove to my daughter that you are capable of anything you set your mind to regardless of what others may say.  I'm taking charge of me this year and I'm kicking the old me's butt in doing it.  

Happy Wednesday!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday


I started my Fleet Feet Half Marathon Training Group Wednesday night, I have to say I think I have asked one too many questions.  I'm a thinking and I like to make sure that I'm doing things correctly.  I will say, I must work on my breathing while running and where to position my arms, I have the hardest time with breathing through my mount and not my nose.  How does one reteach themselves this?


This weekend, I have a to do list a mile long, I must finish unpacking my guest bedroom, I'm so tired of seeing so many boxes in there.  I hate moving and unpacking.


I signed up for another Half, Nashville will not be my first official half any longer, I've signed
up for the Germantown Half, a mere three weeks before Nashville.  {I may be crazy} 


I may be a little bow obsessed, I'm so OCD and when we loose misplace a bow I freak out,
so what better way to remedy this than to order a "backup set" of bows.   A girl can't have
too many, can she? 


  I'm on the hunt for a table for the entry of my house, I found one I like, but not sure that I'm
  just in love with it and I refuse to pay a lot for something if I'm not just "set" on it. 

Happy Friday Ladies,


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Yes, I know 95% of these are about running, but that's where you find me in my free time and that is where my relaxation and quite time is found.  

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Half Marathon Training

Tonight I started Fleet Feet's half marathon training.  Tonight we did 3 miles, We had to pick a pace group And I chose the 9-10 minute mile pace. We had a great time I had a little trouble about two and half miles in, tmi, but I needed to go to the bathroom.  Overall, it was a great time. Everyone seemed really nice, I felt bad because I'm a 50 question person, I always have questions and want to make sure I have everything 100% clear in my understanding. I can't wait to see how this training plays out.  IBM so excited and I know I'll be one of those people that puts the 13.1 sticker on my car. Lol. 

Happy Wednesday.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Goals

WOW!!! I can't believe it's 2014!! so much has happened this year, there have been trials, new goals, new ambitions, and plenty of changes as Millie is growing.  I can't believe we've come so far this year, purchasing a house, fighting for the rights of my child and what is best for her life.  Saying goodbye once and for all to her Father, bringing new people into our lives or old people back into our lives.  Watching one of my greatest friends love my daughter and treat her like his own is the greatest joy.  The love that these to share and the love that I have for both of them is such a joy and gives me so much peace. 
I gave her Father the time I believe to be best for him to make his choices and in essence "grow up" he did not do so and therefore I decided to cut him out.  I sent him a nice message stating that I was moving on with our lives and that I would never stop him from seeing his child if he chose to, but as for me I was going on with my life, I deserve better, I deserve to be happy, I deserve to be loved, I deserve to have the "family" I always planned for us and with that I have peace and I'm moving on. 

Christmas was awesome, we had a great time and enjoyed celebrating, Millie was at such a fun age this year, seeing her eyes when she walked in and saw what Santa and Mommy gave her it was just pure happiness and love and I loved those moments.
I set out to complete a goal, run a 5k and with that goal being complete, I set out to complete another, with that complete, I set out to love running and decided to sign up for my first half.  Running has had its issues along the way, but it's such a joy and accomplishment and high like no other that I feel when I'm done that keeps me pushing for more.  Yes, I caught the running bug this year!!! There really is such a thing, I'm living proof. 

Happy 2014!!!  Bring it on!!!

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