Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday


I started my Fleet Feet Half Marathon Training Group Wednesday night, I have to say I think I have asked one too many questions.  I'm a thinking and I like to make sure that I'm doing things correctly.  I will say, I must work on my breathing while running and where to position my arms, I have the hardest time with breathing through my mount and not my nose.  How does one reteach themselves this?


This weekend, I have a to do list a mile long, I must finish unpacking my guest bedroom, I'm so tired of seeing so many boxes in there.  I hate moving and unpacking.


I signed up for another Half, Nashville will not be my first official half any longer, I've signed
up for the Germantown Half, a mere three weeks before Nashville.  {I may be crazy} 


I may be a little bow obsessed, I'm so OCD and when we loose misplace a bow I freak out,
so what better way to remedy this than to order a "backup set" of bows.   A girl can't have
too many, can she? 


  I'm on the hunt for a table for the entry of my house, I found one I like, but not sure that I'm
  just in love with it and I refuse to pay a lot for something if I'm not just "set" on it. 

Happy Friday Ladies,