Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thoughtless Wednesday: Half Training

I'm in the middle of half marathon training, it's still crazy to think that i'm going to run a half marathon?  WOW, I mean me, really?  Training is going good, I'm in the 9-10 minute group with the Fleet Feet training program.  I missed Saturdays long run (5 miles) b/c I fell Thursday night and twisted my ankle and it was hurting pretty bad.  I'm so ready to be to my goal and knock this thing out of the water.   Tonight we're having a nutrition night instead of a running night, I think this will benefit me well b/c I never know what to eat before runs and sometimes just eating one piece of peanut butter toast can make me feel sick when I start out.  Is that crazy?  Right now my miles are anywhere between 9:20-10 min miles, just depends on how far i'm running.  If it's anything over 5 miles it slows down to more like 10-10:40 miles.  Does anyone else have this issue. 

I started running to help with losing the baby weight, but really got bit by the running bug.  It's my Mommy time, it's my time to clear my head, talk to God, listen to nature, it's my ME time and I love it. It's about being the BEST Mother that I can be and that takes being the BEST me I can be.  Everyone has goals in their life and right now my goal is to prove to my daughter that you are capable of anything you set your mind to regardless of what others may say.  I'm taking charge of me this year and I'm kicking the old me's butt in doing it.  

Happy Wednesday!!!

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