Thursday, November 4, 2010


I am SO ready to leave for NYC tomorrow morning!!! I made my last Target and Old Navy run last night, I ended up spending $93 at Old Navy, but saved $40, that's good right? Let's not even discuss the money I've spent at Target in the past week getting ready for NYC.

I have my film, cameras, and everything packed and ready to go, now if we could just be there already. I am very excited about getting to spend time with my girl, Alison (as I like to call her, Al); she is the best and since she's been back in town we have spent too much lots of time shopping and hanging out. I couldn't be any happier about going to NYC with anyone more than I am about going to NYC with her. We've both been through the ringer with bad break-ups this year, her marriage, and Craig and I's split; so, it is a much deserved trip away from reality!!! Although, two of her guy friends will be with us, we are planning on running like hell away from them escaping and losing them one day or night for some "Girls Only Time".

I can't wait to see some of this beautiful city again, as I was there for only a day and a half the last time I went.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!!!


  1. Ohh girl, have a blast and soak it up!! Vacations are just the best!

  2. thanks Kelsey, I did!!! We had a blast and our crossing our fingers we can do it again in NOLA (New Orleans) the 2nd weekend in December!!