Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Photography, dogs, and NOLA

so, as most of you know, I love photography, went back to school for it and do jobs on the side for extra money. While I was in NYC I got the urge to just go ahead and buy the body to the digital camera I wanted. i didn't have to buy the lenses, since Sony and Monolita are one in the same now.

Here is a picture of my new baby:

I absolutely love it and I'm so ready to use it next weekend, as I do a shoot for a family of 3.

Well...I'm ready for this week to be over, I am only working half a day Friday and then we are NOLA (New Orleans) bound. Can't wait to have a semi-repeat of NYC with my girl and two of our guy friends.. (one of which went to NYC with us and the other did not, but has family in and is from NOLA, so we're staying at his mothers for FREE!!) Yes, that is good b/c that leaves more money to Par-tay with!! ;)

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!

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