Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well we had a blast in NYC, we got into a few fights on the streets...The people seemed to be so rude there. One lady cut me and my bestie, Ali off and then we said excuse me to her and she just started cussing at us. We had one lady on the sub way get angry with us because we sat down too quick and she was trying to put her bag in the seat, she even asked us to get up...

Here are a few picture.....more to come tomorrow.....

All of us at the Empire State Building

Me and my girl, Al, having a pillow fight and jumping on the beds
(things we're not allowed to do by our own rules at our own houses lol)

Also, I did buy a new digital camera for my photography stuff, I'm sure my glad will be happy to have me not borrowing his all the time. I'll post a picture of it later..

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