Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I have the BEST Dad EVER!!!

Okay, I must share, a lot of you know that I have been through a rather tough year. While some people would say, "I brought it on myself", I disagree, you can't help but love who you love and when someone is promising to change and stop drink so much, you want nothing else but to believe that they can do it and will change their life around and turn to God. However, as I have learned, you can NOT make anyone want to change or admit that they have a problem. Through thick and thin, my father has been there to listen, let me cry on his shoulder, and hear more than ANY father would truly want to hear or see about their little girl being mistreated by someone who is suppose to love her. (and yes, as I've said before, since I was never close to my mother, I would tell my dad after my ex would hit me sometimes or he would just happen to see the mark on my body). Needless to say, no father wants to see that for his little girl.

My Dad, my youngest nephew, Daniel and me at my sisters wedding 7-2-10

I am SO beyond bless to have a father that is a man of God and so blessed that my father and mother taught me to lean on God in bad times, okay, maybe I've not always done the best, but last night, my father said the sweetest thing to me, "Meredith, I just have to say, you seem happier now than I've seen you in years and I'm so glad you finally left Craig in the past to have to clean up his own mess'. While that brought tears to my eyes, on many different levels (b/c I can't say I don't miss having a companion or the companionship, but I DON'T miss the abuse both verbal and physically that I suffered at his hand. (BUT, since I wasn't strong enough to leave on my own, God intervened and I truly believe saved my life in many ways!)

I love you Daddy and thank you for always being a Godly example, a shoulder to cry on, and just listening above all else.

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