Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Parties, All Nighters, and Good Times with Friends

So this past Friday night, I went out for my friend Shelly's 29th birthday party, while we had a great time and I can't speak for anyone else but we all I had too much to drink that's for sure. Since I haven't been able to really drink to much and cut loose over the last 4 1/2 years b/c I was ALWAYS the DD and ALWAYS the responsible one in my previous relationship, I let loose and had a ball.

Caitlin, me, and the b-day girl, Shelly

I also have been realizing how much FUN single life can be sometimes. I never would have gotten to go to this b-day party b/c my ex would have told me I couldn't have gone b/c he was a control freak abusive ass. Excuse the anger in my tone, but after WASTING 4 1/2 years, I am REALLY MAD AT MYSELF!!! I am having SO MUCH FUN, but I could have been having this much fun YEARS AGO if I had just LEFT when I knew I should have. Err....kicking self hard is not going to change anything, so I need to stop doing that. Anyways, here a few shots of our great FABULOUS time!!! I even made it home with $125 that I have NO CLUE where it CAME FROM!!!! Happy Birthday to me I mean Shelly!! ; )

like Shelly said on fb, "ha" all I can say is not a good picture
and way too many red bulls and vodka at this point

Natalie doesn't look like she's happy, but I look waisted : (

Oh well, it was all I great time regardless of the mess I got into or what I lost or even what I found for that matter. I had a great time!!


  1. Looks like a great time! Forget about that boy and enjoy the single life!

  2. it was a great time!! And I am enjoying single life, but it's fun to have someone to do stuff with sometimes.