Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cricket's shots

Okay, so I decided to start trying to give my dog her annual shots myself this year to save money. I am all about trying to cut cost were I can and save money and last year a girl I worked with who has a farm; and breeds yorkies and told me that she gives them their shots herself. Of course that peeked my interest and I decided that I would try it myself this year to save roughly $40. Hey, that's at least half a pair of shoes or something, right.

this is not my dog

So, I went to Tractor Supply Company and bought the shots last night, which cost roughly $14 and then headed home to give them to here. She wasn't happy about it and didn't like me grabbing the skin behind her neck and sticking the needle in, she tried to bite me actually the first time, but I decided just jab it in there and so I did, it took just a second and my dog is still talking to me today, which makes me very happy. Below is a picture of the shots and the needles.


  1. You are brave. I could not have done it!

  2. Since I got laid off and took this job only part-time, I am trying to cut money any way I can. I kid you not Caroline, my mother was watching and I held Cricket after I did it and kissed her and told her, "mama's so sorry, I love you, don't be mad at me". My mom laughed and said, "Meredith, you are talking to a dog". (reminder: my parents both are not animal people, just babysitters when I go out of town for the weekend. She just doesn't get it.) : )