Wednesday, February 26, 2014


It's crazy to think that in a little over three weeks I'll be running my first half.   WOW, training has really been coming along.  I'm accomplishing things I NEVER thought that I would be able too.  I'm under 5 lbs from pre-pregnancy.  Yes it's taken me a little longer than some to loose the baby weight and not as long as some others.  So I'm happy with all my hard work and it's paying off.  19 months after she born I'm almost there!!!   I do want to loose another 20-25 to get to my goal weight before the summer.  Thus why I've added a new workout to accompany my running.   While I'll still be running 4 days a week and after completing the Germantown Half (March 16th) I'll be focusing one week on recovery and then getting right back into training mode to get ready for the Nashville Half (April 26th).  I'm so excited and  yet nervous too.  Don't get me wrong, I worry about the what if's, but I've put in the time and training and I no that I will cross that finish line.  My goals for the immediate future are as follows:

        1.   Complete the Germantown Half (March 16th)
        2.   Complete the Nashville Half (April 26th)
        3.   Continue my training, while at the same time cutting back a little.
        4.   Complete the St. Jude Half (December 6th)
        5.   Be at goal weight by May 27th!!

What are some of your current goals?  I can't wait to check things off this list!! I'm on fire right now an proving to my daughter that she can do ANYTHING she sets her mind too is my number one goal through all this.  I want Millie to be proud of who she is, to never struggle with her identity and never to feel like her worth is dependent upon other peoples opinions of her.  I hate that I still struggle with this daily, it's really not a way to live.

Happy Wednesday!

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