Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Adventure {Homeownership}

Well, where do I start!!! As per my last post, I'm way behind!! I will do better, I will! {don't hold your breath}.

I bought a house back at the end of August, it needs so TLC and over time it will be the perfect place for Millie and I.  I chose this house because of several factors, it's in Bartlett, they have a great school system and cheaper taxes than Memphis.  Hey, just keepin' it real, single Mom = budget, budget, budget!!!

I haven't been able to do much to it yet and the first "major project" will get underway in the new year, redoing the kitchen!!! It's a great house for us two.  It's a good size for two people and it's not overwhelming to clean for just us too.  It's approx. 1450 sq. ft. which is plenty to clean {trust me, with a one year old devil I mean angel, it truly is enough}

Here is where we're at on our little home.  It took me three weeks, yes THREE after closing to move in, the people left the house a wreck, I was so displeased with the Realtor, she screwed up many things, which lead to a big headache.  I ended up calling her boss and leaving a very hateful message that if he himself did not call me back there would be a "HELL NO DON'T USE THE QUACKS" right next to the "SOLD" sign in my yard.   Needless to say, he called me back ASAP and they ended up having to pay someone to come clean.  I mean she left multiple things out of the contract (after I went back and called her on them) the former owners trashed, I mean trashed the place, grease everywhere, clothes, etc. left) an attic full of crap that took us three 55 gal trash bags to clean out, no joke!! It was a nightmare!!

I decided after lots of pinterest looking to paint my room gray and do my room in all white {yes, I'm crazy, yes, I remember I have a dog and a toddler} and I said they would NOT be allowed in my room, either of them {that worked for maybe a day}. 

I'll be back with updates as I go and I hope to be better about blogging now that Mills is a little older and I can maybe get her to let me have a 10 min Mommy break. {hey, she's a Momma's girl and she's stuck to my hip, but I do love her so}

{first meal in the house, we hadn't even moved in yet and Mommy was at work}

{my room in the painting process} 

{Millie in her tent in the playroom/tv/treadmill room}

{our Christmas Tree, including the ornament Millie just broke}
{Millie's First Room and her Big Girl bed}
I'll be back soon with some progress on how the house is going, but first to survive the holiday madness. ;) 


  1. Congrats on a new home, how exciting!!!! Love your daughters name!!!


  2. That's great you were able to buy a home!!