Thursday, December 19, 2013

Millie's Picture with Santa (Take Two)

I started last Christmas a tradition (as it was her first Christmas, duh) of taking Millie to have Breakfast with Santa at a place not too far from here called Cedar Hill  Farms in Hernando, MS, it's fabulous, you bring your own camera and take pics of your kiddo with Santa and you can opt to do the breakfast with Santa or cookies with Santa, we chose to do the breakfast and invite all the cousins to go too this year.  (I promise to post this picture later, but Mommy fail it's on my camera). 

I did however, additionally take her to Bass Pro as I did last year to have her picture taken with Santa too.  I did a side-by-side comparison of her last year with Santa at Bass Pro and her picture this year with Santa at Bass Pro, my oh my what a difference a year makes.  She has grown so much and now she is a toddler.  god help us all  

Unlike most everyone I know her age, she in fact did not scream or cry at all, she walked up to him set in his lap, looked at him and said, "high-five" that's my girl!! ;)
We're so not ready for Christmas, well, let me rephrase that I'm so not ready for Christmas.  Tons of wrapping and a little shopping left to do, I'm usually totally done by the end of Thanksgiving weekend, but with the move, still organizing and unpacking that just wasn't going to happen this year.  oh well, there's always next year.    I'll be back soon for our Breakfast with Santa recap and picture. 

Happy Thursday!!!

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