Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday: LOST & Christmas Shopping

Confession time, I am buying everyone gift certificates except my best friend this year. Tacky, maybe, but they'll have to understand. 1. I am really short on money b/c I only have a part-time job, the economy isn't the best and after I was laid off in March, I took the first position I was offered. PLEASE pray for me a full-time job. I have been blessed to still be able to take a few trips lately on the weekend and I was able to go to NYC with my best friend, with the help of garage sale and extra money I earned through photography side jobs. I feel like a failure still not having a full-time job yet, but I know God will provide and has and I am so thankful to him. 2. I have no clue what to get half the people in my life/family right now.

Okay, must get back to work. Happy Thursday!!!

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