Friday, May 18, 2012

30 Weeks!!

How Far Along? 30 weeks, 1 day!!  70 days to go!!

Size of my Angel? 15.7 inches - size of a head of cabbage, 2.75 lbs. 

Maternity Clothes? All

Weight Gain?  Still refuse to weigh but it's like 34-35 lbs I think, ugh. 

Stretch Marks? No PTL, I do have that Linea Nigra line, but other than that I haven't seen any stretch marks and I'm still lathering the oil and cream morning and night.  

Gender? Sweet baby GIRL.... Millie Ladell

Sleep? I still haven't tried Tylenol pm but I may need to really start soon, the tossing and turning is killing me.  I hate the back pains, but they shall pass.   

Food Cravings? bread, sour candy

What I Miss Most? Wearing my own clothes and feel comfortable and not being so tired. 

Symptoms? None 

Belly Button? Poking out but not too bad, hopefully it will go back in once she gets here.  

It's been a crazy last few days, her Dad and I spent 3 1/2 hours arguing last night on the phone, 1. he hates her name - I told him, fine tell me some names you like and we'll find another name.  
2. he told me I should give her to him if I want him in her life and he'll be the full-time parent- OVER MY DEAD BODY was the response.
3. It just didn't go well, he's so selfish and really neither Millie nor I need that right now.

I feel like I'm on the home stretch, had my dr appointment this morning, we're both doing great, her heartbeat is great and we're both healthy, that's all that matters.

I am so beyond ready and excited for her, my Dad should be done finishing her crib this weekend and I'll be putting it together Memorial Day weekend.  So can't wait for my sweet baby girl to get here!!

30 weeks, Day 1

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