Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nathan & Meme's Day Out

So, last week i did some pictures for my sister of her oldest child Nathan. We had a blast at the Botanic Gardens and at lunch with Craig. We spent probably 4 hours at the Botanic Gardens and it was really, really, really HOT. Nathan and I both had fun when the water/rain area come on and he could run back and forth under the water while I took pictures of him. I love spending time with all three of my nephews, but had a great day with just one of them then. Below is some of my pictures marking the day, these pictures are pictures I did for his mother and for my photography website and blog.

Thank you Nathan! I had a great day with you. Love you!


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  1. Wow...that's a small world. I don't even know her, but a friend of mine connected us due to the heart defects. Love your new blog! :) I have it as a favorite on my blog page now.