Monday, November 21, 2011

My Two Cents, For What it's Worth

Okay ladies, I'm going to be blunt and honest and if I offend or you don't agree or like it, I apologize, but this is my opinion.

I loath racist people, seriously how can we (who are) call ourselves Christian yet judge so strongly someone just based on their skin color?

Yes, it's different in other parts of the country and world, but I live, was born and raised, and probably always will be in the South. Heck, let's talk facebook for a minute, I have never put a picture of me and my love on facebook for two reasons, 1. I like to keep it private, yes i blog about him, but seriously not nearly as many people read this blog, come on. 2. I like to keep somethings for myself.

But seriously, I was thinking on my 6+ hr drive home from seeing him last night, WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE THINK. I am SOOOOO TIRED OF LIVING MY LIFE FOR OTHER PEOPLES APPROVAL. Tis why I stayed for 5 years with a man who called me whore, stupid, retard, hit me, put a gun to my head, chocked me, held me down against my will, told me his family would never speak to me again if they knew I'd dated a person outside of my racist.

When I started dating my ex, people were so happy, my Mom, my Dad, people at church, my Mom's friends, why, because he was the first white guy I'd ever dated since after high school.

Please tell me why that matters, if that's what your question is....then you must not live in the racisit South. I have lost friends and everything, been talked about, been called names all because i've dated someone who was not white.......but here's a really funny thing.....I'm not 100% white Grandfather is 100% Filipino, couldn't tell by looking at me, right? Who cares it's still my bloodline and I'm proud of who I am.

What I don't get the most is how people call themselves a Christian, sit in church every Sunday and listen to the word, yet, judge people based on the color of their skin. There is probably someone reading this who is thinking, gross, b/c I've dated outside my race or judging me, but may or may not admit it. I DON'T CARE ANYMORE !!!!

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 6 YEARS, I am with someone who does NOT hit, call me retarded, stupid, whore, worthless and I love him for him, not the color of his skin and if you can't be my friend and accept that and still talk, associate, or be friendly to me well than that's your loss and I'd hate to have to answer to God, who people forget made us ALL!!!

Thank you and Happy Monday Ladies!!

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