Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It's crazy to think that in two days I'll have 4 nephews, love my boys and one more wow....maybe one day we'll have a girl in the brew...(not holding my breath) hahahaha

I love my boys so I sure can't wait to meet the baby, even though I am not close to my sisters, I do love my boys.

Thursday I haven't decided if I am going to chill at the house and enjoy coffee and me time or drive down to Madina and see my sister and the babies room. We'll see, I can't wait to watch teh parade either way, maybe I'll go watch it with my nephews, that's always fun.

I will be working Friday so no black Friday shopping for me booo. :( I do hope to catch some deals Saturday with what the crowd didn't get.

So what's your holiday plans?

Happy Tuesday everyone!! What's your plans for the holiday?