Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All About Millie


I can't believe you turned 19 weeks last Friday, November 30th.  It's going to soooo fast my love.  You are such a happy baby and you are always smiling and happy to see me.  My face lights up as does yours when we see each other.  I do believe that we will always have a special bond and be very close.  (at least that's what Mommy wants) 

We started you on rice cereal and introducing baby foods, you are not a fan my dear.  You'd rather have breast milk and that's it.  We are trying different rice cereals and oatmeal and you still are not a fan.  I am going to try to introduce more baby foods soon as see if we can find some that you like.  I'm hoping this is not a sign that you're going to be a picky eater. 

We went to see Santa for the first time a few weeks ago on November 17th for your 4 month pictures.  You were such a good girl and we got some great pictures.  Mommy took tons of pictures this past weekend and I can't wait to get them all edited and post them on Facebook  our blog, everywhere.  You did really good.  You've learned quite fast my dear that the camera is always in your face and to just let Mommy get some good pictures and the camera goes away.  ;) 

Your nicknames are Mills, Mill, and Uncle Clint calls you Windmills b/c you like to toot a lot.  

You are so loved by your cousins and pretty lucky to have not one but four big boy cousins to watch over you.  You truly are the love of my life and have made my life sooo much better.  The happiest I've ever been is since becoming your Mom.  God had the best little girl picked out for me and I'm so blessed to be able to be your Mom.  I love you to the moon and back Millie girl!!!

Mommy is very excited about our breakfast with Santa on the 22nd, I can't wait and it's such a fun tradition to start with you.   

I love you to the moon and back my sweet angel. 



Here are some of your recent pictures through Mommy's cell phone, your better pictures will come soon, when I can blog from home.  P.s. so that means my dear go to sleep early one night for Mommy.  ;) 

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