Thursday, December 27, 2012

Millie's 5 Months

Mommy is sorry that I am so late doing this.  

You are 5 months now,  you love to eat baby food, you started really reaching out and grabbing things on December 20th.  You love to smile and laugh, you coo all the time.  You love to poo, you have no problems handling your business.  You had your first meeting with Santa and you just smiled and stared at him.  You are currently wearing a size three diaper and weigh 16 lbs 7 ozs. You sleep better when you're on your tummy, but you don't like to play on your tummy on your play mat for long periods of time.  We made your miseltoe foot prints and you did not like the paint on your toes.  You are such a sweet girl and Mommy is so crazy about you.   

I love you Mills.



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