Thursday, January 31, 2013

Millie's 6 months


I am sorry my sweet angel that Mommy is late posting this, but seriously between 9 hour days, working out, you and working 6 days a week I'm really trying my love.

How can you be 6 months?  Where has the time gone? 

At your six month appt: 

You weighed: 17.9 lbs
Your height: 

You love to smile, coo, love to grab my face, you love love love to jump in your jumper.  You are all smiles.  

Here are a few things you've been up to lately. 

At your six month appt you weighed 17.9 lbs 

1/20/13 - we had a six month birthday cake and sang happy six months to you, you just smiled and talked to us. It was too cute.

1/23/13 - you grabbed my face for the first time, I mean really grabbed my face as to say stop talking to them and talk to me.  Papa and Grandma thought it was so cute and we all just laughed.

1/30/13 - you sat up by yourself for the first time, not all the way upright, but you were up and sitting and no one was holding you.  Such a big girl. 

I love you my sweet angel and life is SOOOOO wonderful with you!! I can't imagine not having you.