Thursday, March 21, 2013

7 Months

My Dearest Millie, 

You are seven months old, how did that happen?  You are such a sweet girl and you smile non-stop.  You are loved by so many and people stop us all the time to tell us how pretty and what a happy baby you are.  You love to snuggle with Mommy, I know one day you will not want to snuggle with me and just thinking about that day makes me sad.   As of today, you are about 17 lbs.  You love squash, banana, and applesauce.  You love table food; Mommy makes some of your baby food and others you eat out of a jar.  You love mashed potatoes and grits.  You are such a easy eater, you will eat pretty much anything, but you prefer "real food" as opposed to baby food.  

You love to talk and you love to pat me on the back.  You are still on breastmilk and you love to rub my face will you are eating.  Mommy enjoys the bonding time and as of yet, we have not had to supplement with any formula.  PTL

I love you sweet angel.  You are such a blessing and I am so thankful to be your Mother. 



Weight: 18.5 1/2 lbs
Dates to remember: said Momma several times on 2/22/13
set in highchair like a big girl 2/23/13

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