Monday, June 11, 2012

What did I do wrong?

This is the question that I keep asking myself, were did I go wrong with her Father.  Yes, he is a jerk, I knew that before I was pregnant.  Yes, he is selfish, but for him to do to me the things he is right now is beyond selfish and is heartless.

I spent 3+ hours yesterday morning, yes I said 3+ (2:45ish-6:00 ish AM) am hours nonetheless arguing back -n-forth with him over everything, her name, what a b**** I am, how much he hates me, how I should be happy that he is not here and that he is in Georgia b/c and I quote "If I saw your a$$ right now, I'd kill you"  yep, my daughter's father threatened to kill me.  7 weeks before she's due.  Great taste in men, huh?  Needless to say, I was a basket case, yelled back, cried for many hours and now I'm freaking out worried something is going to be wrong with her.  I know she technically can not get something or be deformed from this, but it could cause preterm labor, stress (well, I'm way pass that).  

Please just pray for me right now and that I did not cause any harm to my precious baby girl, I couldn't imagine hurting her.  She's my entire world and everything that I've tried to do has been for her.  Every time I've tried to work things out with her Father, it's not for me, it's for her.  But some men you can't reason with. 


  1. Babe - cut him off. Never speak to him again. And make sure he never gets his hands near that baby girl. After that- never.
    Be strong. Love ya, doll.

  2. It sounds like he has nothing positive to contribute or say. I'd think long and hard about cutting him out of the picture completely at least until he can get his act together.