Saturday, June 30, 2012

36 Weeks

Sorry, Millie I missed a few weeks, but Momma does have pictures of your bump from those weeks.  ;)

First off, please pray for me.  I'm having some troubles with my body and pregnancy this week.  The doctor is concerned about my blood pressure, I went Friday, he is having me go back Tuesday and then if it's still high I may have to go on bed rest, which may not be a bad thing, except I need to work for the $$, but Millie's more important.  

I had a wonderful baby shower last week, hopefully I'll get around to downloading the pictures and posting about sometime this week.  

Here is week 36 bump date. 

How Far Along? 36 weeks, 2 day!!  27 days to go!!

Size of my Angel? 18.75 inches - size of crenshaw melon, 5.75 lbs. 

Maternity Clothes? All

Weight Gain?  About 42, so depressing

Stretch Marks? Still no PTL, I do have that Linea Nigra line, but other than that I haven't seen any stretch marks and I'm still lathering the oil and cream morning and night.  

Gender? Sweet baby GIRL.... Millie Ladell

Sleep?  Not getting much at all, between 50-60 hour work weeks, my body is aching but giving me problems going to sleep. 

Food Cravings? milk 

What I Miss Most? Wearing my own clothes and feel comfortable and not being so tired. 

Symptoms? None right now, the braxton hicks have stopped, but my cervix is starting to dilate.

Belly Button? It's definitely an outie now. 


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  1. You look wonderful sweetheart, but I am sad to hear you're not feeling well! Only 27 (or so) more days! Come on Millie!!! xoxo