Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dr's Appt

I went this past Friday my doctors appt and my blood pressure was high so he was worried, so he told me to come back this past Tuesday. Well, it's still a lot higher than its ever been for me sine becoming pregnant and working 9-10 hr non-stop busy days is not helping, so for now at least he's taken me off work. My cervix is softening and if my blood pressure remains high he make induce after this Friday. (the hit of 37 weeks).

I want her to come when she's good and "fully cooked" healthy, but I am so anxious to meet her. Her dads been calling a lot and while he still wants to name her Paige, her name will remain Millie. I may add Paige into her name, but I will continue to call her Millie.

I'm praying that my doctors appointment Friday morning goes well and that he comes soon but when she's ready.

Per doctor I'm to rest, rest, rest. It's hard for an OCD, perfectionist to stop and slow down, but I'm trying. My Dad actual came and spent the day today helping me carry boxes, pack both mine and Millie's hospital bags. Thanks so much Dad for coming and rescuing me.

Most everything's ready, need to make one trip to Target bc silly me forgot to get (on my last minute needs trip to Target) today, so sleepers.

I have SOOOO many clothes for my sweet angel but only 1 sleeper and no footed pjs. How in the world did I do that?

Oh well, Happy Independence Day. God Bless the USA and all the solders who fight for the freedom we love!

Last, here's a picture from my shower which I'll try and post about soon


  1. I know you are excited!! I hope that all goes well and cannot wait to see pictures of Millie.

  2. Thinking of you sweetie! Hope the little one is still cooking and that you are relaxing as best as you can :)