Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Millie's 3 Months

** I wrote this on October 21, 2012, but I forgot to hit post so this was late being posted.

My dearest Millie,

You are three months yesterday baby girl.  I can't believe that it's been three months since you made your debut.  You are such a joy and so sweet.  You love to talk to me and smile, you love your Papa dearly and the  boys (your cousin's) are crazy about you.

You sleep about 6 hours and then want to eat, sometimes you'll sleep through the night, but most of the time you want back in Momma's bed so you're up.  Yes, Momma is trying to break you of co-sleeping and it's not going very well.  You will sleep through the night if I allow you to sleep with me, but Momma needs her sleep too and I worry too much if you're in the bed with me.  (Worst thing I've done yet, I wish I had never started her co-sleeping)

You love to smile and talk, you love to be rocked and to cuddle. You enjoy your playmate  you're not fond of the swing or boucy chair at this point.  But you're truly a happy baby and that's all that matters.

Happy 3 months my love,


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