Monday, August 15, 2011

Just Another Monday!

Have you ever had the best intentions to do something and just never do? That was me part of the weekend. Yes, I've had a migraine for the past 2 1/2 days, and I'm talking full blown yesterday, throwing up, dizzy spells, can't stand up for long. It was awful, if I had decent insurance I would have gone tot he minor med for a shot, but no such luck right now.

So, this morning I had a job shadowing interview and I really really need a job because I really need to buy myself some clothes for fall because bills really do need to be paid. SO I am hoping and praying that I get the job. Please pray I do for me.

So back to the weekend. I went to dinner with my Dad and nephew Saturday night while my Mother was out of town. I picked up my nephew and he asked me to call Papa and see if he'd take him to dinner. I told him I'd call but he had to ask and he had to get me an invite too. So he did and the 3 of us had a great dinner at McAlister's. Then yesterday, I finished laundry, cleaned, vacuumed, threw up a few times, took nausea medicine, yes all b/c I had a killer 2 and a half days of a migraine. If you don't have migraines, count your blessings and thank God, I'd do anything not to get them and them not to be so bad. I take a daily bp medicine as a preventative and while it helps, it's not a cure-all.

I went to see Final Destination 3-D Friday since I was off work. Note to self: this is your one and ONLY 3-D movie. (a 3-D movie for someone who has such bad migraines is probably not a smart idea and I'll never do it again!!!)

Today is Monday and since I went to a job interview/shadowing this morning, I am taking it easy and getting my run in this afternoon so that I can be lazy and sit on my butt watch The Bachelor Pad without any distractions tonight. B/c let's face it, I have my priorities in line.

Happy Monday!!!


  1. Prayers for your interview/shadowing. And take it easy!

  2. Oh I feel for you. I get those migraines and they are horrible. Hope your feeling better and good luck on the job interview.