Friday, April 13, 2012

25 Weeks, 15 to GO!!!! and Breastfeeding Question

How Far Along? 25 weeks, 1 days....105 to go!

Size of my Angel? 13.5 in.....the size of a rutabaga and about 1.5 lbs 

Maternity Clothes? All

Weight Gain?  Doing good per doc, I refuse to look at the scale! ha

Stretch Marks? No PTL, still lathering the oil and cream on 2 x daily (someday's just at night, but most days I do morning and night)

Gender? Sweet baby GIRL.... Millie Ladell

Sleep? Still waking up during the night, but I love it when she's active and kicking, such as sweet feeling.  BUT, I'd like her to practice her soccer plays during the day and not at night so much.  A girl can wish  

Food Cravings? Salads, spicy ranch dressing, Mexican 

What I Miss Most? the same-being able to sleep and not feeling fat and I know this sounds bad probably, but it's true... I miss margaritas, Mexican food just isn't the same without them. 

Symptoms? None 

Belly Button? Still in but if I raise my shirt and look at my stomach and watch as I breath, it looks like it's going to pop out. 

Best Moment of the Week? Working with my Dad to restore her crib and restain it.     

**Still sick of the crazy rude people who have things to say like WOW you're having a baby... like back up, b/c I am just as capable of having and raising a wonderful girl REGARDLESS of whether her father chooses to be involved or not.  and if you disagree than your an idiot.  You don't have to have the DAD to make a stable health child, it's his choice and he's an ass end of story.

Millie: 25 Weeks, 1 Day

So I am planning on breastfeeding, I got the Medela pump but I've read in the book you should exclusively breastfeed for six weeks and not bottle feed.  Did anyone do this or did you do some bottles mixed in during that first six weeks...Any advise on this or what's worked for you would be greatly appreciated.  

Happy Friday!! 

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  1. mmmmm spicy ranch and mexican....mmmmmmm....

    You are looking fabulous, love! How are you ALREADY 25 weeks? Craziness...

    Now, I haven't breastfed (duh) but I'll be looking TO YOU someday to help a girl out :)

    Love to you, happy weekend!!