Thursday, September 2, 2010

9.02.10 DAY

cried watching this t.v. wedding

It's 90210 day!!! I loved watching 90210 and thought they had beautiful clothes, hair, make-up, you name it I thought they had it all!!!!

I COULD NOT, WOULD NOT miss an episode and yes, I am one that when they sell them all on dvd, will probably buy the whole series and watch it in marathon form. lol

Who's your favorite? Did you watch it?

Side note.....
Please pray for me, heard some/read some hateful things that my ex said/posted on facebook about me, calling me crazy, psycho, etc. I may have been a LOT of things, but the only crazy thing I ever did was stay the first time he laid his hands on me and excepted that he was sorry and would change. Praying for his salvation, truly don't believe he knows or fears God and that is very sad.

thank you everyone!!! I truly, truly, truly can use friends and encouragement right now!!! He basically didn't allow me to have friends and hang out with others, he I guess feared I'd have left and found someone to treat me better!!!

One more note..... if you are reading this and you know my ex or anyone related/friends with him, I beg of you please, please, please DO NOT share what you READ with ANYONE!!!! I am not trying to deal with anymore pain than has already been given to me by this issue, I am not putting him down, I know he has a problem and I know he doesn't know or fear Christ and therefore, he can slander me in public, on facebook, etc., yes, I'm not going ot lie, it truly hurts like hell, but God will deal with him, I can't do anything about it. I should have left a long time ago, but I ALWAYS believed he would change, I'm not perfect, I have a bad temper and anger issue, I am seeking help for that at Bellevue, but what I put up with went through, I'm not going to lie is probably the cause of most of my anger and temper. But God is good and he is giving me new friends now and hopefully he'll give me some people I can hang out with since I seriously HAVE NONE!!! and God will punish him not me. Thanks again everyone!!!


  1. i LOVE 90210! I just sat and watched 2 episodes last Saturday. And I will totally buy the box xet if it ever comes out on DVD.

    hang in there! God is Good...all the time.

  2. HAHA Your like the 3rd person with a post about 90210. I never realized today was that date - so fun! I used to watch the show all the time and loved Brandon and Kelly!

  3. The wedding made me cry too!! Keep your head up and delete that boy from Facebook. You are better than him!!! God has a plan!

  4. He is Caroline, someone told me about the comment under his profile and actually, it was one of his friends that told me..... that should tell you truly about his character.

    Thanks Candice and Caroline- I know God has a plan and if I had truly listened to God, I would have left a LONG TIME AGO and not stayed around 4.5 yrs., my old pastor said, God is going to use you one day in someone else's life b/c you went through this, if that does happen, I hope I can really encourage that person to RUN LIKE HELL and QUICKLY TOO. I appreciate you guys support.