Monday, September 6, 2010

Mamaw's Birthday and Labor Day

So, a week ago tomorrow was my Mamaw's 91st birthday, so we took her out to dinner at Side Porch Steakhouse. I love going to Side Porch and so does she so we thought it would be a great place to go for her birthday.


Mamaw & me

We had a great time reminiscing over old memories and talking about what great shape she's in, etc. She impresses me everyday with what all she still does at 91!!!


I hope everyone had a great labor day!!! I know we did, we went to my Uncle's in Tupelo and had some real good filipino and american food. Yum!!! We swam for a few hours, then ate, then swam some more. : )

Daniel in his body glove floaty suit

Nathan playing ball with his Dad and Uncle Clint

Dad carrying in a worn out Daniel
(he took a LONG nap after 2 hrs of playing in the water)

Nathan having a blast in the water

Daniel after swimming and changing
love his hair!!! ha ha
(it took 4ever to get his hair calmed down)

Mamaw & Papaw

Uncle Eddie fixin' some filipino food
lumpia (small egg roll type dish) so yummy!!!

We had such a blast!!!! Now I'm exhausted now after a long day by the pool and way too much yummy food. I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day!!!

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