Friday, September 10, 2010

What does the dog do while you're out or at work???

Have you ever wondered what the dog does while you're out or at work? I have several times and decided this morning that I would call my father and ask to borrow his recorder and record Cricket one day next week to see what she does while I'm gone. Cricket is limited to the kitchen and den while I'm gone, so she can't get into too much trouble. However, there are kids toys around for my nephews, there's the stairs to climb up and down and there's several other things I'm sure she can find to get into. I can't wait to see what I find she does all day while I'm away next week. (I know, she lays on the couch a whole lot while I'm there, so I wonder does she do much besides sleep when I'm not there?) Such a lazy dog she is. Here are a few videos of what some dogs and cats did while their families were away.

Happy Friday!!!

Caroline, this one made me think of Knox!!!

I have so caught Cricket with my shoes, I can't stand when she gets into my shoes....especially my expensive heels.....

Happy Friday everyone!!!!


  1. I'm pretty sure Knox sleeps and looks out the window. Ha! I love the dachshund getting his ball thrown!

  2. I know I saw that and thought about Knox!!!