Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Big Brother Finale!!!!

Okay, so it's no secret that I'm like OBSESSED with Big Brother and have been since season 1!!!! I love reality t.v. and this is by far my favorite. So, who will win?? I am rooting for Lane and I must say, he's been one of my favorites since the beginning, even though I was not for the Brigade from day one, I was for Lane.

So, who do you want to win? It will be a busy night at my house, with the premier of Survivor Nicaragua and the Big Brother Finale!!! I can't wait!!! Does anyone else watch Survivor?

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!


  1. We love big brother and survivor too!

  2. I watch both. I think I would be happy with Lane or Hayden..but I don't think Enzo deserves the money.

  3. Me either Candice, I think he just sailed by on their coattails!!!

  4. We're survior peeps too! My vote is for Hayden because he won the most times. But, I do love Lane!