Friday, May 20, 2011

Boob Tube Babble and Life Ramble

Boob Tube Babble

1. I'm trying to figure out what to watch on Sunday nights now that Amazing Race is over, Desperate Housewives was on this week and I caught it. I haven't watched this season because I've been bad, but I did see this weeks episode and it was great as always.

2. Real Housewives- I can't say anything more than these women remind me why I don't hangout with a lot of ladies, no offense, but I am having enough drama still with my ex-bff and I can't imagine having a big group of women treat me like her. On the other hand, I will post more about this at the bottom of this post.

3. Army Wives- Rowland and Joan are adopting a baby with HIV, what a job!!! That's a little too scary for me and that's got to be a big task. I have always said I would love to adopt, I love kids and worked with foster kids for years, and they just touched my heart, but that's a big task to adopt a baby with HIV. Could you handle it?

4. The Voice- Battle Round #2- did anyone watch this, Blake pitting contestants against each other, come on Blake!!!!

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I am still behind on several shows and this week that I hope to catch up on this weekend. But now I have to get on my soapbox with a few things, so please, don't hate me and let me rant.

1. This week, a lot of schools had there graduations. President Obama was the speaker at a local high school in the inner city this week and let me just say, I listed to his commencement speech on the drive home from Missouri and I swear the two that introduce the Presidents, their speeches had me cracking up. Then when the President gave his speech, I was cracking up moor it was very good and he definitely spoke and joked around with them, so that they would listen and taken in what he said. What a way to go out, so proud of BT for being chosen and putting Memphis on the map in a positive way.

2. Rumors and lies, I have to say I have still been hurt by a lot of things that have resulted the last few months after my ex-bff and I had a falling out. I thought I was on my way to getting over it then I hear more rumors and lies this week. “Life and death are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof” (Proverbs 18:21)

I believe in this scripture and I am a true believer that words can cause a furry of emotions and that once something happens, sometimes a spiral of affects happen thereafter. Well that seems to be what I am leaving through right now. I am having to deal with my ex-bff's lies and betrayal once again, I've noticed that a group of people that know us both have deleted me from facebook, therefore, I decided to call a few out on it and see why, what had I done or said to them? A few things I heard were very shocking and upsetting to me, I hadn't done such things, where would they have heard that, who would say those types of things? I talked to my parents about it and we agreed that most likely it was Ali, said but what can I do? My parents have encouraged me to forget about her, but easier said than done. See I am the type of friend who will love and stand by you through most anything, if you fall I'll be there for you and help you try and get back up. That's all I want from a friend too. Why would she say all these things, she already took a good chunk of money from me and friends, what else does she want?

I am currently praying about it, but must say it is a hard road, I have no female friends now and it is a truly lonely place to be. I haven't been invited to do blog meet ups, or anything in recent days or to girls night with the girls I was meeting with lately so i feel as if I have been laid-out to dry and people say, you're just not good enough to associate with because i've fallen on hard times. I have only a part-time job and I'm searching daily for a full-time one, do people not realize that others struggle and that it's okay to love them and be their friends even in the times of struggle? Do people just think I'm not good enough because I don't make a great amount of money, even people that don't make tons of money want to have friends. I just want to be excepted the way I am, flawed and all. I am so thankful for the wonderful guy I've met and even people aren't happy about that because he doesn't fit into their idea of who I should be with. I've dated the guy who came from a family of money and he physically hit me and called me stupid and retarded, I've dated the guy who came from nothing and he treated me like I was just someone else to walk on. So I date someone who is a little older, divorced and has kids, and I'm just no good? What's that about? What do people want?

Do people want me to go back and be abused again or be with someone that respects me? Enough is enough, love and except people where they're at, isn't that what the bible commands us to do? Yes, I don't always say the right words, are you perfect? No, so who are you to stand in judgment of me? I just want friends, is that too much to ask. I didn't get to have friends and hangout with other girls for 4 1/2 years because my ex didn't trust me, so why shouldn't I cry and be upset? I lost a lot of time in my 20's to make girlfriends, I just want some true friends!!!

Sorry for the soap box and let me just say, I am not having a pity party, I am just trying to think and be rational and see that others make mistakes and that I am not some awful person who is poison because I don't have all of what other people my age have. I've had a hard road being laid off last year, did I ask for it? No, so why judge me for it. I struggle everyday to pay my bills and it really sucks, but it's where I am at, like me or don't, just don't talk about me!!!

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  1. Sorry you are having probs with ex BFF! The voice was so good this week!