Friday, May 13, 2011

BoobTube Babble

Boob Tube Babble

1. I started of my t.v. watching week with RHOC- I still love Gretchen I don't care what people say, I love her because she is so stupid, bitchy, has annoying whiny voice, I just love to laugh at her, end of story.

2. Amazing Race has come to an end for another season and I have to say although my pick Gary and Mallory didn't win, I am so happy that the girls won and not the Globetrotters.

3. RHONY- yes, I am a Real Housewives fan, can yall tell? I have nothing really good or bad to say, just that this is an interesting group of women. Enough said.

4. The Voice- Last week was my first week to watch it and I'm addicted. Thanks to one lovely twitter friend/blog friend for telling me how it works.

5. And I have watched All My Children as far back as I can remember really, I stayed with my Grandparents in the summer and my grandmother watched it daily. I am so sad to see it coming to an end. However, I am extremely happy that abc did not cancel General Hospital as well. I would have been on fire if they had canceled them. I love and have to have my Sonny/Jason/Carly/Jax and now again Brenda fix daily.

Okay, that's just a few of the shows from this week. Visit Neely here and link up with her and Meghan and tell us what you watched this week.

Additionally, please please PLEASE pray for me a full-time job, I can't stress enough how stressed and worried I am financially. (not to mention my 80 year old boss treats and talks to me like I'm a child or dog.) Thanks everyone!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I was offended by the Amazing Race this week. They made it look like a typical "Florida" home is a tacky little trailer with blow up toys in the yard. What were they thinking??? Now excuse me while I go outside and play in my blow up pool.

  2. Thanks for linking up! We watch all the same shows! I think I'm the only one not happy with the sisters winning amazing race.