Friday, July 22, 2011

Boob Tube Babble

Boob Tube Babble

So this week I didn't watch a whole lot of tv, I did how every spend my nights running on the treadmill, which was usually durning the news and the start of Entertainment Tonight. Hey, don't judge, I've already said I'm a celebrity/all things Hollywood stalker. So, I did at least watch The Bachelorette Monday and of course my number one obsession, Big Brother. What the heck, Rachel is so rude, hateful, etc. I mean how mean can she be to others? I do have to say I am so proud to see Jeff stand up for Jordan. As one who's ex didn't stand up for me towards the end, that is a huge turn-on to me. I missed Teen mom this week, although I did catch some Law & Order reruns durning my late night sleep lacking nights. Ugh, can't stand not being able to sleep. I hope you've all noticed my new blog design, thanks Jenn for the great blog makeover. Happy Friday everyone. Visit Neely and Meg and link up and tell us what you watched this week. Happy Friday!!!


  1. Rachel is a joke, and is doing a terrible job "redeeming" herself from last year if that was her goal in any way. Love Jeff standing up for Jordan - just love Jeff and Jordan in general, actually!!