Friday, July 29, 2011

Boob Tube Babble

Boob Tube Babble

Let's start with my favorite person on Big Brother. NOT!!!! I'm sure this tells you who I'm talking about without even looking at the picture below. "No one better come between me and my man." Ugh, yes, I am talking about Rachel!! Ugh she annoys me soooooo much. In fact, annoy may not be a strong enough word. Anyone else watch BB last night? Wow, Dominic had some words to say before he left didn't he? It really looks like this summer is going to come down to an Alum winning. Although, if an alum does win I hope that it is Jordan or Jeff. Yes, she may come across dumb but she is so sweet and I've watched them on Amazing Race and BB and I just think she is a real sweet heart, so yes I am voting for one of them to win. Heck, I will be happy if anyone ANYONE besides Brendan or Rachel win. Still trying to figure out what the heck Brendan sees in her. Then this brings us to last nights votes Dominic was sent home packing, which I was not surprised about at all. Danielle seemed to be, but I think if she had really payed attention then she would have seen that he was going to end up going home.

The BB Alums
The Newbies

And then of course, I also watched the RHONY Reunion this week. Anyone else watch it? I just can't stand Ramonia ugh, she really gets under my skin. As does Kelly and Alexis, yeah, those 3 all get under my skin. I can't stand the way Kelly talks to people and Alexis' posture and her manner, well that just says it all. Oh and don't forget Countess LuAnn who seems to think she knows everything. Yeah, while most of the cast annoys me, I still seem to find myself watching this show weekly. On an additional note, I am happy to hear that RHOBH will be back for season 2 this year!!! Yay!! However, I wish Camille wasn't coming back, but you can bet I'll still be watching weekly.

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Happy Friday!!!

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  1. I've always fought the reality tv show thing, but I am so curious about the real housewives. I'm tempted to watch it just to see what it's all about.