Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving these shoes that I found at Target the other day. Shoes make me so happy as does Target.

I'm loving these 3 little guys who can get me to do a slip 'n slide at my age at the youngest ones 2nd birthday party. Yes, I at my old age 28 yrs. old did a slip 'n slide b/c they begged me. I'd do anything for them, even almost make hurt myself a fool of myself.

I'm loving that we only have 2 days left in the work week, come on Friday!!!

And I'm loving this little fur baby!!!

So what are you loving. Visit Jamie here and tell us.


  1. cute shoes! I love target! great things your loving!

  2. Super cute shoes! I love Target!

  3. target is awesome. if i am feeling down, that's where i go.

  4. Love those shoes and Target!! Your blog is too cute!!