Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So What

So what if you don't like everything I do or say.

So what if my mother and I have a really love hate relationship.

So what if I don't go to church every single Sunday morning/night and Wednesday night. I have to answer to God for me not you, so why are you so concerned about it????

So what if you don't like every top or outfit that I wear, did I wear it for you?

So what if I am dating someone you don't like, is it hurting you?

So what if my mother called me a whore and I called her a bitch in return, who are you to judge me? (and yes, this really happened Saturday) I was also called a "skinny bitch" by her, that would have been a compliment last year when I was in my 140's but this year in my 160's not so much.

I am tired of living my life in fear of people not approving, ofcourse people aren't going to approve of everything I do, but acceptance is what I really want. I don't care if you don't approve of who I'm dating, what business is it of yours? Just accept me and move on. I don't care if youd don't approve of my hate for make-up and that I don't like to wear it all the time, don't tell me I should b/c that just makes me want to scream and spit fire out of my ears.

Okay, on that I'll stop. Hope everyone had a great 4th and Happy Tuesday!!!

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